Last Day on earth
Season 15
Law and Order
Hey survivors! Everyone’s got used to the fact that the Wastelands are an uncontrolled zone where any ethical norms are long forgotten. But the time has come to change that and bring order to this place. The new season begins!
Bar «Last Stop»
A freshly-minted sheriff named Russell has appeared. There’s little known about him yet, but he’s determined to gather comrades under his leadership and clean up the region from peace breakers. Join him to get a generous reward for the assistance.
Russell runs his business from the bar he’s opened nearby. The establishment is gaining popularity among survivors, and Russell has big plans for it. This place will become the main spot for battling lawlessness. And partying as well.

As is known, not all true detectives wear badges. To let bad guys know that messing with you is a bad idea, set out to investigate crimes and catch perpetrators. Cases to solve, plotline quests, and daily tasks are waiting for you on the investigation board in the bar. Catch dangerous criminals, help locals, and earn a reward for your selfless service

Apart from that, Russell will ask you to keep order in the region. A batch of supplies is sent to his bar every few hours; assurance of its security will guarantee to receive a share from every batch. The share can be increased through completing tasks from the board and killing zombies more actively. The corresponding tab can be found in the window of season pass.
Good news for collectors! During the season, bosses will drop special resources – Unusual samples. They can be exchanged at the bar for coupons, which will be sent to your inbox. Coupons allow getting a pack with some bikes and backpacks from the previous seasons. There are several skins in the pool, but only those missing in your collection will be droppable.
Unusual samples can also be obtained from regular zombies and by using auto location clear-out.
Starting from this update, survivors will have more options for customization of their characters. An entire outfit customization system is already there. You can try it out in the corresponding tab of the Wardrobe window. Time to get dressed up!

Besides, there’s an occasion – we’re celebrating our birthday! It’s been 4 years of us successfully surviving the zombie apocalypse against all odds. Join us for our celebration at the bar on the third week of the season. We’re gonna rock.

That’s it for now, no more distraction from the game.
Good luck in the new season!
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