Last day on earth
Season 14
Hey survivors! We hope a little rest in the Crater served you well and you’re ready to face a new threat in the single-player mode.
The gate at the Port, which you have already noticed, hides a lot of surprises and not many of them are pleasant. This time we are going to face a dangerous infestation, uncover the sources of the plague and try to stay alive. In Season 14, players will have to make every effort to neutralize the threat and develop a saving antidote. However, only teamwork will make that possible, so get ready to join forces!
The battle with the infestation is to become the centerpiece of the update. The event will progress, and with every next stage, the number of infected zones will grow. To cope with the danger, players are going to complete some plotline tasks and participate in several in-game events. But don’t expect it to be a walk in the park. On your way to antidote development, you’ll have to deal with new dangerous enemies and feel the consequences of the infestation first-hand.
The old acquaintances from Genesis will help players on their mission to fight the infestation. Eva and Chris will come your way once again as you complete the plotline quests and season events. The mysterious K is also expected, so prepare for another series of investigations worthy of spy thrillers. And, of course, the new season won’t do without delivery orders. In short, there’s lots of work to be done, survivors!
The infestation strongly affected the monsters residing in the infected zones. Spore zombies are seen there more and more frequently now. They pose an even greater threat. The main problem is contagion clouds which the new enemies are spreading around themselves. Breathing those spores in is a bad idea since you can get a debuff that would gradually reduce your character’s health. Be very careful!
Remember what we said about joining forces to defeat the infestation? That will be one of the main features of Season 14. To clear the infected locations, survivors will need to create an antidote. To do so, they will have to use samples obtained from the spore enemies. The thing is, the personal input of each player will add to the overall progress in creating the antidote. Success can only be achieved through teamwork!
However, the season activities aren’t the only interesting thing coming your way. Upon completing the main plotline events, you will get another major update. The fight against the infestation will proceed to the next, even more dangerous stage, which will be directly linked to... anyway, you’ll learn everything on your own when the season is over. Survivors, get ready to take on the new infestation! See you in the game!
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