Last Day on Earth
The Christmas season, a motorboat, Islands
Christmas is coming and this means it’s just the time to expect presents from everywhere. We’ve also prepared some surprises for you and we’re excited to tell you about them. Some details have already been revealed, but unexpected delights are something we cannot give up. That’s what we’re gonna talk about in this dev blog. Off to the Port!
Survivors, your responses have been heard, and the Port is going to become the new permanent location all of you have been wanting so badly. This place hides plenty of new exciting activities. They will help players set sail for new horizons and reassemble with the already familiar employees of Genesis Corporation. The Port will bring in the game a number of new elements aimed to enrich the gameplay.
So, what’s a port without boats? We surely can’t do without water transport, and you are going to assemble nothing but a real motorboat. The Port is not the only location that’s going to be available in this update, and to visit all the corners of the updated global map, you need to travel. Assembling a motorboat is not an easy thing, and you’ll have to shell out for resources and go down to the Sewers several times – that’s, by the way, a new dungeon, about which we’ll talk a bit later. Anyway, you’re sure gonna be kept busy!
The island locations, waiting for all owners of water vehicles, will be available to reach by motorboat. Visiting them is worth it: rumor has it those lands are rich in new resources. If you want to craft items with the new blueprints, you need to visit them. So, no matter what way you look at it, the affair is gonna be profitable, while new locations and possibilities will be a great reward for assembling a motorboat. After all, who’d refuse from driving a boat with the wind in the face, ahead to new horizons?
Let’s get back to the Sewers we’ve mentioned above. Yes, you’re gonna get a new dungeon with secrets, dangers, and rewards. This is the place where you’ll be able to collect unique resources for crafting a motorboat, so descents to the Sewers will be a very important part of journeys to the Port. Be careful, though – the underground dwellers are not going to be happy about intruders. Prepare to stand up for yourself and not disappear in this stinking place forever.
In this update, the list of the available blueprints will be added up. On the islands, players will find titanium, but that’s not all.
Check up the list of the available blueprints carefully – you’ll find in there kevlar armor and several kinds of firearms. Get ready for intense farming – it’s not easy to succeed at the new locations without hard work!
Delivery of goods, very much liked by players, returns to stay. Along with it comes a new Genesis reputation system. From now on, you will receive rewards for each level of the delivery reputation achieved. That’s a really good reason to get wants and needs met, hit the delivery, and gain authority with Genesis’ employees.
Of course, we couldn’t ignore the coziest time of year – Christmas, to which we’ve dedicated the season part of the update. Our old acquaintance Nick Santy arranged the delivery of congratulation letters that went all wrong, and now he needs your help. Players will find available three event locations: Icewind valley, Road house, and Frozen village, which will be assigned among the three weeks of the season. To find all the letters, you’ll have to run around, but not for nothing – there’s no Christmas without presents!
Another holiday entertainment will become the Odd Factory – this is where the action will take place this year. Here you can use a conveyor to exchange the season currency for holiday resources and keys. And, of course, get ready to meet Santa in the best tradition of the zombie apocalypse. The keys will be required to get access to the local bosses that are expected to be no less than 3. You’ll have to fight for your presents.
The update is already available, and we wish you good luck. The Port is waiting for travelers, boats – for seafarers, and we are waiting for your reviews on this update on our social media! Survivors, may a fair wind be always in your sails!
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