Last Day on Earth
The Laboratory Part II
New sectors, monsters, hard mode, reputation
Hello, survivors! The laboratory got a massive amount of positive feedback from the players. It was clear that the new content for it was only a matter of time. We kept working on it while you were helping bikers, celebrating LDoE’s birthday, and investigating crimes. Finally, the preparations are complete.

First things first. Two new sectors on the second floor of the laboratory have opened up for exploration. They will differ both in the interior design and internal mechanics. Both sectors will have new traps, monsters, and bosses, so be extra careful.

Let’s start with the cryogenic laboratory. The most important thing to remember here is to keep warm. Stay close to heat sources!
At the weapons factory, amidst the remains of workbenches and conveyors, you will encounter dangerous laser traps. It’s a great opportunity to feel like you’re inside a zombie survival and a spy action movie at the same time!
We’re also introducing a few nice features for hardcore enthusiasts. Improved familiar perks and completely new ones will now be available in the terminal. One of the main new features is the hard mode of laboratory exploration which involves deadlier traps and stronger monsters.
In the laboratory’s hard mode, you will face armored zombies that are VERY resistant to damage. You will instantly identify them by a specific icon in the interface. In order to emerge victorious from a battle with them, you will require special armor-piercing weapons that are now available in the game. All this will make the exploration of the laboratory’s hard mode much more interesting because generous rewards are worth fighting for!
Hard mode is not just about dangerous enemies. The special items you can get in the hard mode will help you raise your reputation level with the laboratory. This way, you’ll be able to get access to new perks and a unique outfit style. Also, there’s new storage in the port which you will be able to expand with your reputation. Your efforts will be properly rewarded.
The laboratory sectors aren't the only thing affected by the update. You can now clear some of the blockages on the first floor and access the covered dock. There, you’ll have the opportunity to use a gunsmith bench and grow seaweed to fuel the bioreactor as efficiently as possible.
The laboratory has become larger and now’s the time to explore the new sectors. Dangerous enemies, traps, and unique rewards await those who dare to enter. See you in the game, survivors!
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