Last day on earth
The Crater
PvP, Personal Apartments, Storage Business
Hello, survivors! The Crater keeps evolving, and you’ll see many interesting things in this update. This time, you’ll have to show many different sides of your versatile personality.
PvP. We suppose we don’t need to explain what it is to you. Some high-value goods were spotted in a special location. Everyone wants to have them. Whoever you meet. Even your clanmates become your enemies here, let alone strangers or zombies. Clearly, this is no place for people who enjoy diplomacy and negotiations. Shoot everything that moves if you want to hit the jackpot and stay alive!

Let’s take a minute and talk about something more peaceful. For example, anyone in the Crater can get their own home now. Sure, at first, it’ll be a modest apartment, but if you’re tired of slums and extremely shady neighbors, pack your bags and move out as soon as possible. Plus, you have every right to improve your apartment. Who knows, maybe you’ll become the Crater’s own Gatsby and eventually hold the best parties in your penthouse. By the way, don’t forget to visit others. Not only for socializing — you can always find interesting items in other people’s homes that they have no use for.
Turning your new cozy lair into an armory is just bad taste. What would the guests say? For this reason, it’s better to store all your property in storages. Better yet, rent out those storages. Obviously, for a price. Show your business acumen. Reputation is key here, don’t forget that.
Down with asceticism! That could be the slogan of Crater’s furniture store which can now be reached by metro. The selection is huge and constantly changing. Sure, you can keep sleeping on a wooden bunk bed, or you can buy a double bed with an orthopedic mattress and silk sheets. Your back will thank you later. And if prior to that, you take a hot bath and get something from the fridge, mmm…

Don’t let us keep you from making furniture arrangement plans after a PvP fight. Good luck, everyone!
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