Last Day On earth
Chinese New Year
Hidden Garden, Silent Abode, Firework Field
Hey survivors! One of the advantages of living in a zombie apocalypse is the possibility to arrange a celebration whenever you like. This time we’ve come up with an idea that all of us have deserved a little fun after a tough 2020. So, let’s celebrate Chinese New Year! Don’t hold back your tears, seniors.
You can start by visiting Hidden Garden, where you’ll meet Mu Lan and her steed. Quite an enjoyable company to celebrate with. According to the post-apocalyptic decencies, you have to help the heroine with some household issues. Jiangshi and Terracotta Zombies, in turn, are going to attempt to rain on your parade, but you’re well aware of what to do.

Mu Lan herself is called the legendary maiden warrior for a reason, and she’s eager to compete with you in killing zombies. Once you’re ready, bang the gong. Brave and strong warriors will be rewarded!
The next stop on our celebration route is Silent Abode with Lonely Elder and his dog. Despite the name, a quiet visit is something that shouldn’t be expected.

Legend has it that on Chinese New Year day, evil spirits roam the earth for a hunt. Among them is immortal Nian, who has chosen the Elder as his next victim. However, we know how to deal with guys like him. Besides, there are well-tried means of making Nian go his way and leave the Elder living out his days. Light bonfires, hang traditional lanterns, and when it’s all quiet and peaceful around, one can set the table. The grateful Elder will return the favor.
Firework Field will help you with completing tasks. Just be careful, pyrotechnics can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Yet, it can also be used for a good cause. Make bonfires, launch fireworks, and set the festive mood.
Every survivor should definitely keep the amazing ceremonial armor along with a guandao as a souvenir from the event. Even raiders will tone down once they see you walking around in this armor.
Survivors, have a merry Chinese New Year with us!
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