Last Day on Earth
Biker Event
Bikers, Raiders’ Camp, Roadside Junkyard
Hey survivors! Life got back to normal after the events of Season 14, but for how long? The zombie apocalypse is full of dangers and serious challenges, so be sure – this is a short-term lull. Meanwhile, there’s a possibility to spend this quiet time to your advantage and earn some nice loot. Let us get right to the point.
More and more new people can be met in our lands, but not all of them wear Genesis uniforms. A gang of good old bikers is said to have set a camp nearby. When passing through the wastelands, they encountered some minor difficulties – zombies and the local raiders didn’t give them the warmest of welcomes. That’s not the way we should meet guests. Good fellows should hold together, that’s why your help would come in useful. The guys will make it worth your while.
The bikers have prepared 3 tasks for every day. The event locations Raiders’ Camp and Roadside Junkyard, along with the forest and limestone locations, will become the main venues for your adventures and completing quests.
After all three daily tasks have been completed, you’ll receive a well-earned reward. But there’s more than that – the guys are looking for special patches to add to their collection. They can be found at the event locations and exchanged for extra rewards.
We must not keep you long. Choppers gassed up, guns loaded – time to run the engines, survivors. Good luck at the event!
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